Call : 081 064 0544
Call : 081 064 0544
Call : 081 064 0544
Call : 081 064 0544


Earth Creates Metal
  Metal Holds Water
  Water Nourishes Wood
  Wood Fuels Fire
  Fire Creates Earth

House Rules

Elements on Fire has a few house rules to take note of, this helps to make our time together more special... 

Let us know if you running late please, a courteous text will allow us to prepare for your lateness and adjust our schedules accordingly. 

Our sessions are given for utmost pleasure. Our ladies are given freedom of choice; should they not feel comfortable massaging you they may opt to change to another lady. Please do not take this personally. Each lady has the right to her own feelings, opinion and choice. 

Should you not feel connected with your therapist, you too have the right to change to another therapist.

You will be asked to shower upon arrival. For your comfort and ours. We don’t even mind joining you should you ask us to.

Respect is all we ask for, respect our ladies and we will respect you and your privacy in return.

Fees quoted are exchanged strictly for time and companionship only. No fees quoted, negotiated or collected have any implication regarding sexual conduct.