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There are many other entities that offer the same service. "Full body sensual massage" "body to body" and promise "super models"

But too many have fallen pray to becoming too big, too busy, too cattle parade, too don't care, over promise and under delivered - you become a number.

They rush you, watch the clock, give you suspect towels, they tickle your back turn you over release the hand brake and think you should be happy. We think it can make any man feel short changed! And then they use that very un-sexy word - a pelvic release - like you some kind of subject in a biology class.

Why men enjoy a sensual full body massage

Being in the industry for a couple of years I bring with me experience as well as much appreciated candid comments for clients as to why men are drawn to the industry.

Even if you in a great relationship the realities are that the love spell fades. It is easier for a relationship to become a rut, routine and a comfort zones than the energy it take in the daily dramas of life to keep relationships exciting. The irony of a sensual massage is that it can add vitality to a relationship in that it takes the pressure off.

The primal urge for men to hunt in spite of many social debates is alive and remains. That feeling felt by having an exciting encounter with a stranger – complete euphoria. Meeting a favorite therapist or a new one every time is very stimulating for the hunter’s instinct and senses.

The health issue is on everybody’s mind - a sensual massage can take your body and senses to great heights but does not involve sex. Heedful thought has been given to the hygiene of and attendance to our clients.

We live in a highly strung society confronted daily with trying stress-encounters. Stress increases the male testosterone! A sensual massage will relief the body and relax the mind leaving you feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to cope again. How wonderful it would be should a sensual massage be realized by organizations - corporate wellness will take on a new stroke!

We all need time out, to regain our senses. Out to escape the cold corporate and busy business environment. Out to regroup. Out to be spoilt, romanced, to be pampered, receive much needed TLC.

The singleton zone – simply not getting any or not getting enough, we fully understand and will gladly assist!

The three factors that set GHQ apart from the rest

Environment – your safety, hygiene, discretion and well interior comfort

Eye Candy – sexy lingerie, great body assets, lovely to see, feel and touch

Sensuality – although all the therapists are taught in terms of masseuse work we know it is the sensuality, naughtiness and playtime that separate us from other therapists.

The X-factor in terms of sensuality and being extra-ordinary is this game comes from deep within. Further the fine tuned sensory ability to be able to read a client, whether straight laced and/or dying to be stretch or simply just shy, when to be gentle and when to turn on the heat – not all therapists have the ability.

Our therapists are well aware of the inadequacy in terms of delivering on TLC, the total lack of intimacy and care that exist. This realization will set us apart from other entities..

Introduction to our Therapy Sessions

At G-String Head Quarters you will be given total discretion and introduced privately to our therapists - no cattle parade, no shouting or bumping into other clients.

A bit of play and naughtiness to excite your senses slowly sets the sensual mood. With the mood set, the therapist unrushed and with well experienced hands move the session, into full body treat which includes an awesome foot massage.

Of course we tease and toy with you during the massage to keep you attention. The sensual relief is extended several times with a special technique to ensure we prolong your pleasure. Whilst enjoying the after effect we will give you a head a massage and meridian stroking to gentle bring you back to reality.

At GHQ we use a mixture of the best oils. We understand the frustration of techno oil that sits on the skin and that do not wash off properly, and the smell and irritation it can leave behind.

Small details, we hang your shirt, we run your shower, we give you big fluffy clean towels, we dry you, we seduce, we give a proper massage, we give you a sensual experience, we treat you with respect and most important we understand the essence of why you booked in the first instance.

Our Fees

R400 for 30 Minutes
R500 for 45 Minutes
R600 for 60 Minutes
R800 for 90 Minutes
This is a premium fee as we appeal to men that understand quality has a price tag.
Monday - Friday 9:30am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday Closed

How do I book?

Our bookings are strictly by appointment which provides us with control to insure your utmost privacy

Monday - Friday 9.30am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday Closed

Bottom line!

Whatever your reason or reasons are, we would like all our clients to leave our studio with a “want to “come” back for more” feeling. Our sensual therapists are so aware of the inadequacy in terms of delivering

Contact Sylvia 071 135 1651 or 066 206 1819.


071 135 1651 or 066 206 1819
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