With KAMAGRA you will never have to be embarrassed again.
If you have ED, you’ve already got plenty of reasons to choose KAMAGRA.
But here are some more that you should know about…

The benefits of KAMAGRA
• Helps most men with ED achieve harder erections
• Helps most men with ED maintain an erection during sex
• Can work in as little as 14 minutes
• Partners were satisfied with how well KAMAGRA improved erections of their men
• Has a proven safety record
• Works for men with ED who also have a wide range of health issues
• Works even after a night of partying and drinking alcohol

Kamagra Jelly 100mg For almost instant effects!
The advantage of the jelly is it digests much quicker than a tablet would and your ready to go with in 15 min (40-50min with the tablets) 

Many different flavours are available:

R220 / box of 7 sachets

Minimum order 2 Boxes = R440


KAMAGRA Pills 100mg

R90 Per Pack
(Minimum 5 Packs) = R450

13 Packets = R1050
23 Packets = R1850

40 Packets = R3000


R150 Per Pack
(Minimum 4 Packs) = R600

10 Packets = R1400
15 Packets = R2000



COURIER = R150 overnight delivery to a physical or P.O. Box address.
Postnet deliveries 2-3 working days.
No weekend deliveries - orders placed on Friday's will be delivered the following Monday.


Packaging is very discreet.
Parcel is packaged in a padded envelope and delivered in a couriers bag.


060 322 1388