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LOTHLORIAN ONLY OPERATES FROM 1 PREMISES We have no other branches any where else in South Africa.

Lothlorian separates itself from the rest by virtue of its commitment to sensuality, expert training, cleanliness and hygiene and the ultimate in discretion. The atmosphere is cozy and warm, and we like our many regular customers from all over the country to treat us as their home away from home….

Lots of new ladies, all colours of the rainbow.

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Its official…you can now get “stoned” without the risk to your health or state of mind – and not only is it completely legal, but Lothlorian is the ONLY sensual massage house in South Africa offering this unique service!!

HOT STONE THERAPY is the application of heated stones onto specific areas of the body whilst manipulating the body tissues, with the distinct purpose of producing beneficial (not to mention heavenly) effects on the body.

Stress is our body’s NUMBER ONE enemy – we all suffer from it, whether we know it or not. To combat the ever increasing daily demands on us, many people are looking to return to a more emotionally and physically balanced state – for this simple reason, HOT STONE THERAPY has become one of the fastest growing massage techniques in the world.

To bring this unique service to our valued clients, Lothlorian have invested in state of the art equipment and key staff have been trained in the delicate art of HOT STONE THERAPY by the master herself and resident trainer, Isobella – and of course, we add the famous Lothlorian sensual touch to close off the perfect hour of indulgence!

 We look forward to getting “STONED” with you!